The basics of takeaway insurance protection

Whether you are running a large or small takeaway business you may wish to make sure that you have the right type of takeaway insurance behind you. There are typically numerous benefits and takeaway restaurant insurance to suit all sizes of business.

One of your main concerns when looking for takeaway food insurance is that it is tailored to meet your business. This may not be as difficult as you might expect with a provider specialising in takeaway insurance.

Liability insurance coverage

Fast food liability insurance may be a component of takeaway restaurant insurance. This may typically provide up to so much towards court costs if you are sued through neglect. This may apply to staff and members of the public if you have employers’ and public liability insurance in your policy. Product liability insurance may also be included.

More forms of protection

There may typically be many other benefits to takeaway food insurance. You may find that some food shop insurance policies include:

  • protection for any goods that are in transit;
  • interruption to your business;
  • protection for money kept on the property during typical working hours;
  • cover for money that is in transit to and from the business, during normal working hours;
  • an increase in the amount your stock is covered for during holiday periods. This is typically called seasonal stock increase. This increase is generally due to busier times such as the Christmas period when you may have purchased more stock due to your business being busier during this period.

As you may see from the above there are many different aspects of takeaway insurance to consider when thinking about a policy.